A Grant To Provide Cutting Edge Technologies To Help Your Business Grow

A Grant To Provide Cutting Edge Technologies To Help Your Business Grow

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A new government grant launched on the 17th August to support small and medium sized businesses in England recover from the COVID lockdown. The £2 million government grant supported by the England European Regional Development Fund can be used by businesses requiring IT and digital advice, guidance, technologies, training or equipment which will enable them to continue delivering business activity or diversify the business.

Small and medium businesses can apply for grants from £1,000 to £5,000 to pay for the services, equipment and technologies that will help their business come out the other end of lockdown. The funding can pay for the technologies, advice and training that Adept Cloud offer to future proof your business.

You can also use the grant to access specialist professional advice in HR, accountants, legal and financial industries, as well as IT and digital. The funding can be used to not only purchase minor equipment, but you can also use the funding to adapt or adopt new technology in order to continue, diversify or improve your business.

Why Was The £2 Million Grant Created?

MP Simon Clarke is the minister for regional growth and local government. He strongly believes that small and medium sized businesses are the beating heart of communities. Simon feels that it is these businesses that provide employment and contribute significantly to the local economies. This funding has been created so businesses can be supported in adapting, recovering and rebuilding their business as some lockdown measures continue.

To find out more about this £2 million grant that helps businesses adapt, recover and rebuild please follow this link

However, there is other financial support out there to help small and medium businesses in the UK. Many of these grants, loans and funding can be used to cover the cost of our services and technology. If you would like to know more about funding available to help you future proof your business with our cloud computing solutions, please contact us directly.

Here at Adept Cloud we believe that the size of your business should never restrict your ambition, dreams and goals for your business. With this government grant, your cashflow or budget doesn’t need to hold you back either. We can create the perfect cloud-based technology that will enable you to access, use and create efficient systems to solve problems, communicate consistently, deliver solutions and exceed client expectations at every opportunity.

Want to know more? Call us now!

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