Why us?

We are a team of business consultants and developers, who take great pride in our our industry and business process expertise. We embed ourselves within these industries to understand the challenges. We align our thinking and our solutions specifically to address those challenges, whilst also being able to illustrate a reduction in operating costs and increase in revenue.  

Regardless of where you are in your Zoho journey, as established users, or looking to migrate your processes onto a digital platform, we can help. In the first instance, we’ll arrange to meet with you in order that we can get to know each other a little and help you decide whether we are the right fit to help you move to the next stage of your business growth.

The size of your business should never restrict the extent of your ambition, nor your ability to deliver quality products and services

About us

Adept Cloud Solutions are an IT software consultancy company serving customers worldwide with our Zoho solutions. We help and guide you and your staff through digital transformation to help you deliver un-rivalled service to your customers, whilst helping you reduce operating costs. We have a portfolio comprising end-to-end digital solutions, such as CRM, Stock management, Finance management and Customer service. We work across a wide range of industries such as Professional/Financial services, Wholesale/Distribution, and Trade services. We have proven experience of best practice business processes with deep knowledge across a wide variety of industries. Our technology expertise goes hand in hand,  so we can help you maximize the potential of your business and empower your staff.

We are passionate about helping founders and business owners to scale their companies, by helping them deliver an un-rivalled experience for their customers.

Our Solutions are built on the Zoho platform which can be rolled out to run the end to end processes across an entire business, from CRM to Stock management and Finance management and Customer service. Sophisticated reporting and analytics provide business owners with an instant snapshot of performance which means they can react quickly to changes. More and more businesses are realising the benefit of one single system for all their staff as oppose to the management and rising license costs for multiple different apps that do not link properly, and needing to revert to spreadsheets to capture information,

We are proud to be the fastest growing Zoho partner in the UK, providing the gold standard in CRM and business management software.
Lisa Hammond-Marsden
CEO and Founder

To arrange a free consultation to see how our products and services can help accelerate your business transformation, contact Adept Cloud today.

Think beyond the here and now.

Adept Cloud is the solution

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