Cloud Based Partners

Choose a Cloud-Based Software Implementation Partner

Book a Free Implementation Consultation For those business owners and managers looking to improve systems and processes within their company, one of the most significant decisions will be picking a cloud-based software expert to partner with throughout implementation.   The first question to ask is whether you need a cloud-based software expert to aid you

Graphs for Zoho Reporting

Efficient month-end reporting in CRMs

Imagine that your month-end reporting involved zero preparation time? A recent Adept Cloud project was to develop a CRM system to manage a financial service business’s everyday business processes. Using the data poured into their system we utilised Zoho CRM’s Analytics reporting dashboards to produce data models (each of these linking directly into the company’s

Commision Calculator

Zoho Commission Calculation – Inspire Your Sales Team

Calculating Commission with all its technicalities is a challenge. It is however, one of the most important aspects of the pay-out process for sales teams in SMEs. In order to make commission calculation possible Zoho provides add-on applications and the ability to customise your CRM with calculation fields. The use of these methods will give

Cloud Software

Improving Your Cloud-Based Systems

Learn More With a Free Consultation Most businesses have been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic with many forced to close and many more directly affected by the slowing global economy. However, despite this difficult situation there is opportunity to be found if you look in the right places. Now is the time to make

Zoho automation

Zoho CRM’s automation tools

Save time and enhance your marketing processes by utilising Zoho CRM’s automation tools.Here are some of the automation features available to marketers; Auto-Responding Emails  Behavioral Targeting (customer segmentation) Campaign Management Marketing Analysis and Reportage Survey Campaigns Web Form Integration + Let us know the features you want and we can find you an ideal solution.

Improve Sales and Organisation with a CRM

Learn About CRM Benefits with a Free Consultation Adept Cloud work with you to understand and craft a bespoke CRM system, designed specifically for your company needs. We train your team to use the software to its maximum potential, ensuring you can flourish in the face of the challenging construction market. Key Benefits of Implementing

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zoho crm sales automation

The Essential Guide to Using Zoho CRM to Automate Your Sales Automation Processes

This guide will take you through how to automate different stages of the customer lifecycle, from lead
generation to closing sales in Zoho CRM