workflow automation

The role of CRMs in Workflow Automation and Increasing Business Performance for SMEs

Learn Free from us on a Consultation As small or medium sized enterprise, keeping on top and abreast of your workload can often seem overwhelming. The setup and integration of a CRM system can however deliver seamless workflow management. CRMs allow for the simple automation of task management freeing up time and promoting business growth.

Zoho Bookings

How does an Online Booking System Enhance Team Organisation and Customer Experience?

Learn More With a Free Consultation Every service-driven business depends on achieving two key aspects: providing services and scheduling them efficiently. In delivering these there is traditionally a compromise between convenience to you and to your clients (implement the correct system however and this need not be the case). Therefore, prioritising finding the right online

CRM for Financial Services

A CRM Solution for the Financial Services

Book a Free Consultation For those working in the financial services, there are several important considerations when choosing your CRM. Given the need to manage multiple customers and potential new clients in a short space of time, you will need a system that allows you easy and fast access to their information and a clear

bni best member award quantum

Thrilled To Be A BNI Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce some brilliant news. As you may have seen from social media, we have been a member of BNI Quantum in Peterborough for less than a year. It’s been a brilliant networking group for us. We have made some great business contacts within and outside the group. Recently the BNI Gala

A Grant To Provide Cutting Edge Technologies To Help Your Business Grow

A Grant To Provide Cutting Edge Technologies To Help Your Business Grow

A new government grant launched on the 17th August to support small and medium sized businesses in England recover from the COVID lockdown. The £2 million government grant supported by the England European Regional Development Fund can be used by businesses requiring IT and digital advice, guidance, technologies, training or equipment which will enable them

How to increase your business profitability

How to increase your business profitability

When it comes to increasing your profits, there is no magic formula. In fact, it is just basic maths whereby you need to earn more and spend less. While it is easier said than done, here are some hints and tip about how to increase your business profitability and steps you can take to get

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zoho crm sales automation

The Essential Guide to Using Zoho CRM to Automate Your Sales Automation Processes

This guide will take you through how to automate different stages of the customer lifecycle, from lead
generation to closing sales in Zoho CRM