Thrilled To Be A BNI Award Winner

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We are thrilled to announce some brilliant news. As you may have seen from social media, we have been a member of BNI Quantum in Peterborough for less than a year. It’s been a brilliant networking group for us. We have made some great business contacts within and outside the group.

Recently the BNI Gala Night took place on a Friday night. Normally this is done in person at an exciting dinner. However, due to coronavirus restrictions we were encouraged to dress to impress in our homes and log-in via zoom.

It was a fantastic evening. We loved seeing all the other BNI members dressed up and looking glamorous in suits, posh dresses and more. There was some incredible talent from other members shown too which added to the glitz and gam of the event.

Duncan and his team did an incredible job of creating a brilliant night that even coronavirus couldn’t ruin. Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited for the online gala night. It was incredibly well hosted and perfectly organised in what are such uncertain times for us all. It was a night that we thoroughly enjoyed and will not be forgetting anytime soon.

During the evening there was a knock at the door. On opening the door, Lisa saw Martin of MDS Electrical and Rachel Stewart of Orchid Financial at the door. They are the President and Vice President of BNI Quantum. They presented Lisa with the BNI Quantum member of the year award, and a lovely bottle of bubbly. Lisa was, and still is, completely overwhelmed.

These are some of the reasons that fellow members at BNI Quantum voted for Lisa;

“I would like to vote for this person as they are an amazing member of BNI Quantum. They are always willing to help and learn and is a very positive and valuable member of BNI Quantum. This chapter member does so much behind the scenes of our Chapter without recognition and I feel they are very deserving of this nomination.”

“There are so many members worthy of my vote in our chapter, however I have made the decision to give my vote to this member. This is not only for their commitment to the chapter, but for their continued care and support inside and outside of BNI. I have had my personal struggles of late, and this person frequently checks in and provides the support I need, even if it is just a gentle push to motivate me.”

“It’s amazing how good this member is, especially as they are so new to BNI and Givers Gain.”

We think this speaks volumes about the type of person Lisa is. These are brilliant personality traits and really show why our clients are so happy with the cloud computing services we offer here at Adept Cloud. Lisa heads up all our projects, and for good reason too – as you can see by what her fellow members have said about her.

If you are looking to join a brilliant networking group in Peterborough, drop us a line. Lisa would be happy to invite you along as her guest. While it’s online it is completely free to attend too.

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