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Adept Cloud are Zoho One Expert UK Consultants, so we understand the process of migrating your company’s data into a new CRM can be arduous. Alongside a data migration you will also need to customise your CRM to your specific needs. Here is how Adept Cloud can help you with the process and going forward. 

Consultancy in-person or online 

With Covid-19 affecting all our lives, we now offer our consultancy service online as standard, however, should you prefer to meet in person we can discuss and make arrangements.  

Your initial Zoho One consultancy service is free and should be considered as an opportunity for us to learn more about the nature of your business and processes within. We hope it will also be a great chance for us to show you the potential of Zoho and our capabilities to manipulate and shape your system.  


After the initial meeting Adept Cloud will put together a scope of work for your Zoho One project. Within this we will set out a fee for the planned and agreed work, from this you may select the items you wish, knowing exactly their cost.  


By the time we come to implement the scope of works we’ll have all the information we need to get going. We’ll get you up and running on Zoho so you don’t need to do any of the setup if you don’t wish to (and if you have started a trial, we can make arrangements). 

We’ll get your CRM setup with home dashboards built specifically to the needs of members of your teams, setup any blueprints for staging progression, create workflows to accommodate basic additional functionality and write code for any unique functionality.   

Post-implementation, all features will be tested and run by you the client to ensure it has been delivered as explained in the original scope.  

Data Migration

With our migration service your CRM will be setup and ready to go so that you can dive straight back into working with your organised, existing sales, clients and leads. 

During the consultation we will discuss a migration plan so you understand our requirements and what data and in what format you will need to provide it. 

Staff Training

When you’re CRM is up and ready to go, it is always prudent to get your staff trained in how best to use the system. This is a phase that we must emphasise the importance of, as it will mean that your staff use the CRM to the height of its potential and within your set out process. 

Additionally, we can provide advanced training for Administrators within your team so that they can continue to make tweaks to your system as you advance, and requirements change. 

Continued Support 

Even once your system is complete and ready to use, you will still want to innovate over time and add your own unique features to enhance your business process. We can continue to support your Zoho CRM’s development with retainer plan to suit your needs. This means you have a team of experienced developers to help you on any challenge you face. 

As official UK Zoho partners we can make use of the Premium Partner Support, meaning we can make requests directly to Zoho on behalf of your business. 

Zoho CRM Analytics

Reports and Analysis 

Once you are up and running with Zoho CRM, we’ll be able to produce incredibly detailed reporting for you. We’ll setup reports and schedules (for their being sent to you and relevant partners on a recurring basis), as well as Analytics (visual representations of your data). This means you can have your data sent to you directly and available on your home dashboard. We can train your team to create their own reports and analytical charts, so that you can all modify your home dashboards with beautiful visuals (like the Zoho CRM home dashboard represented in the image above).  

Zoho FAQs

Read more about Zoho One and its tools, plus how we can help you in other guides and FAQs:

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Adept Cloud are Zoho One Expert Consultants and Partners, try your Zoho One Trial here.

Setting up Zoho CRM for Estate Agencies?

Zoho is one of the best estate agent CRM software packages because it accommodates for the diverse range of challenges that estate agents and their companies face day to day. Zoho CRM can be bespoke crafted to handle inbound requests, to prepare quotes with company brandingand even for selling property. When setup correctly Zoho CRM can handle the end-to-end process management for estate agentsZoho CRM can be managed on both desktop and mobile, allowing agents make use of the system wherever they are. 

Estate Agents find the use of a CRM particularly important because of the importance in the industry of nurturing relationships to build the necessary trust to ultimately reach a sale. The use of Zoho enables the user to track their contact with certain individuals, building rapport as they ensure that no point of contact is ever forgotten. Using Blueprints Zoho can also be setup to ensure your agents take the correct action at the exact pre-intended specific points. This should lead to a happier customer base which in turn will bring in more referrals.  

Key features of Zoho CRM for the property industry include;  

Email Campaigns: Integrate Zoho Campaigns with the CRM system to create mail-shots to send to your database, segment the data further using the information on your CRM to create targeted emails to specific groups and run A/B testing to learn ever more on how to interact with the client base.    

Project Management: Keep an eye on all projects as they make their way through the sales pipeline, ensuring that all activity is undertaken at the correct time. 

Marketplace Integration: Zoho marketplace allows you to choose a number of additional programs to integrate with your CRM. Use this capability to ensure the tools you wish to use are speaking to your CRM. 

Customer access to portals: Make use of Zoho Desk to allow sellers and buyers to directly communicate with your business through a portal. All information added here can be recorded against the person in your CRM. 

Why Zoho CRM should be used for insurance companies?

Zoho CRM can be used to address the specific needs of insurance brokers and providers. Within it you can organise your leads and incoming claims, the system can be automated to create activities for the right members of your team at the right time as these progress. Zoho can be used to manage multiple policies, whilst aiding your agents to close deals and build lasting relationships. 

Key features of Zoho CRM for the Insurance industry include;  

Marketplace Integration: Zoho marketplace allows you to choose several additional programs to integrate with your CRM. Use this capability to ensure the external tools you wish to use are speaking to your CRM. 

Mobile App: Allows your agents out and about to make use of everything Zoho CRM has to offer. 

User-friendly/bespoke dashboards and interface: Create dashboards specific to job roles or make them bespoke for individuals as they find their optimum way of working with the system.  

Zoho SalesIQ sales assistant: Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with the CRM and setup automated, curated messages based upon your website visitor activity or source of referral. SalesIQ also allows for live chat with customers on the website. 

Is Zoho the right CRM for Non-Profits?

Zoho CRM can be setup to be a stakeholder relationship management system. Use the system to communicate with stakeholders, as well as enticing and retaining your donors and volunteers. Zoho CRM has a searchable database, and can be integrated with Zoho Books or Finance Plus to keep track of spending. Non-profit projects can be very complex but Zoho CRM allows you to migrate your business information from spreadsheets and to automate your diverse range of processes. Zoho CRM also offers non-profits companies discounts on their membership 

Key features of Zoho CRM for Non-Profits;  

Automated Emailing Engage your stakeholders throughout with pre-made templates that are triggered when certain behaviours are met. 

Custom-build Modules: Map everyone from donors to volunteers to beneficiaries in their own modules and make use of Zoho Desk to create separate portals for each. 

Multi-Platform Presence: Zoho has integrations for Social Media, Website Live Chat, Email Campaigns, Whatsapp and SMS, helping you to improve brand visibility. 

Safe Transactions: Zoho checkout integration allow for consolidation of different payment methods. Available to those on mobile too. 

Webforms: Use Zoho Forms integration to collect information and store it straight into the CRM against new or existing contacts. The forms can be stand alone or embedded into webs pages. 

How Zoho CRM should be used for Service Businesses?

Service businesses need a CRM that allows them to be fast with their customer service to breed customer happinessCustomers will have much more desire for a personalised service, with contact-on-demand (including with members of the team in the field) and quick solutions. The organisation of all your data on Zoho CRM and automation of tasks and some communication makes this eminently more possible.  

Key features of Zoho CRM for Service Businesses 

Document management: Utilise Zoho CRM’s ability to hold data from all facets of your business. The integration of other apps and plug-ins means every document can be stored against relevant contacts and accounts, making their access a few clicks away.  

All Areas of Business in One Location: Zoho has stores all of your customers in a single location,  including your leads, contacts and accounts. All information against these can be accessed and is updated in real-time. 

GDPR compliant: Zoho CRM has a number of built-in features to help businesses stay compliant for GDPR and other EU & UK regulations. 

Access on the Move: Agents can provide usual services and be tracked by management when either are on the go using the mobile app. 

Should Travel Agencies use Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is great for use by Travel Agencies because it can be integrated along with Zoho Forms so that you can get all information entered onto your website directly added into your CRM. Depending on the information coming in you can segment your new leads and contacts so that the right team member takes ownership. For travel agencies there is often a vast number of clients in the system, you can reduce the workload on your team by creating pre-made email templates that automatically send out (making use of work-flows) at pre-defined times to the customers as they meet important milestones in their journey with you (i.e such as Itinerary and ‘Thank You emails). Templates can also be used to create branded quotes fast.   

Other Key Features of Zoho CRM for Travel Businesses 

Manage Campaigns on Multiple Platforms: Integrate Zoho Campaigns and Social to market your popular destinations across multiple platforms simultaneously. As all apps are interconnected, you’ll be able to monitor results and build a picture of which individuals react best to different platforms. 

Real Time Dashboards and Reports: Zoho CRM can have unlimited reports setup based to your exact requirements, these reports can be cloned and tweaked to present the life-data you need to see. In addition, dashboards can be setup for the individual or teams to show a range of data from across the modules, including any custom ones you need setting up. 

Is Zoho the correct CRM for the construction industry?

Adept Cloud will work with you to craft Zoho CRM to your bespoke requirements understand and craft a bespoke CRM system, designed specifically for your company needs. We train your team to use the software to its maximum potential, ensuring you can flourish in the face of the challenging construction market. 

Key Features of Zoho CRM; 

Real-time Access to Important Information CRM software is designed to save time & provide easy-access to tools making you more efficient and productive, including; 

  • Quick and secure access to customer historical and financial data. 
  • Real-time access to business data and analytics.  
  • Store all project-related documents for a customer in one centralised database. 

Your company will consist of different teams, each needing to follow their processes.  

  • Ensure Sales Reps follow up with their prospects & clients in a timely, effective manner. 
  • Make use of Blueprints to ensure no stage is progressed without the correct details. 
  • Easily see upcoming calls and tasks, as well as all notes against them. 

CRMs provide visibility of the entire sales cycle, including; 

  • What projects your sales reps are  prospecting. 
  • Where your prospects are in your bespoke staging cycle.  
  • How many clients your sales team members are working with. 
  • How your forecast is transitioning in the near future. 

As a company in the construction industry, you have to keep on top of many different areas. Through a CRM you can manage; 

  • Inbound and outbound leads. 
  • Marketing Campaigns.  
  • Following-up sales activities & analyse performance. 
  • Monitor Projects through to conception. 
What CRM is recommended for use by a small start up?

Zoho is a perfect choice for start-ups needing a CRM. For starters, it is reasonably priced, with further discounts being offered when you subscribe to Zoho app packages (bundles of business applications for different processes within your business, including Zoho One which includes all of Zoho's collection) and sign up all members of your team. As a consequence this means that a start-up company can begin with Zoho CRM but as they require new tools to conduct business, can make use of Zoho's selection of 40+ applications.

Many new start-ups will look for basic features such as being able to integrate contact forms, live chat & newsletter signup on their websites, this is all possible with Zoho's additional applications.

The CRM offers a neat and easy-to-understand method of managing the leads and contacts through the sales pipeline whilst integrating emails, campaigns and lots of handy automation. Additionally the CRM and majority of other apps are all downloadable on mobile meaning your team can work whilst out in the field and from home.

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