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Zoho CRM Implementation, Development, Training and Consultancy?

Adept Cloud are experts in Zoho CRM, offering consultation, trainingdevelopment and Implementation. 

Our consultants are experts in the use of Zoho and take the time to analyse your business’ needs and processes. We can deliver a working test system to allow you to trial and familiarise yourself with the system. Once happy with Zoho CRM, we can also implement Blueprints to ensure your team stick to the correct process and workflows to ensure that nothing is ever forgottenAs official Zoho partners we can also integrate Zoho’s 40+ additional products with your CRM so that you keep multiple facets of your business within a single location, whilst enhancing your means to operate and conduct business.  

How to set up and manage deals/opportunities/sales in Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM makes the management of your deals/opportunities/sales particularly easy because it puts of them in one place, displaying all the crucial information. In Zoho CRM you can easily see which stage all of your opportunities sit, as well as the values, expected revenue, expected closing date and outstanding tasks (created manually or automatically by the system). Using Zoho’s dashboards and views you can pre-filter your view so that you see the projects that you are currently interested in. 

It might be that you require your CRM to manage opportunities that are very different in nature. In this case Zoho CRM allows you to create unique pipelines for each type of sale, create staging that is unique to each with automatic workflows to trigger tasks and blueprints to ensure your sales team behave in the correct fashion when advancing the stages. 

Zoho CRM now makes use of intelligent AI software in the form of Zia. Zia recommends the projects that need work now to ensure that those that might drop-off continue to ease down the pipeline. Zia can be controlled with simple voice commands and presents information and reports instantly. Take advantage of the app to have access to Zia on the move. 

Adept Cloud can setup your Zoho CRM system so you can access and create your quotes from within the deals/opportunities/sales module. As with the staging pipeline you might require some variance in your use of quotations, and this can all be setup using Zoho’s templates. Once created you may instantly email the Quote from your email address via the CRM.  

Zoho CRM’s reports are easy to learn and create and that can be utilised to produce in-depth reports showing where your sales team have opportunities and where they are falling short. Make your own charts or tweak the pre-created ones to gain control of reporting (these can be setup to send on a schedule) with live data. 

As well as reportage you can setup your team’s or your individuals’ home pages so that they can see their targets for a period and what they need to achieve it.

UK Based Zoho One Consultants

Adept Cloud are experts in the implementation and setup of all aspects of Zoho One. Talk to us to learn how we can save you wasting time on the
customisation and implementation of any of its features.

UK Based Zoho CRM Consultants

Adept Cloud specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses utilise Zoho CRM, allowing them to increase efficiency and maximise sales. Using Zoho CRM, we help businesses build bespoke pipeline management and tools for marketing and sales automation.

Managing your pipeline in Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM gives you management of your sales pipeline throughout the lifecycle, beginning with the generation, assigning and scoring your leads. Find your potential clients/existing clients that are most likely to buy utilising Zoho CRM's analytics, and ensure your team spends an appropriate about of time communicating with them. Adept Cloud can help you to divide your sales cycle into stages, prioritising the right actions at the proper time. Analyse every sales stage and activity, tracking numbers at every stage of your sales pipeline. We can also help you to create funnels for the metrics that matter, so you know when there is a significant drop or rise in your sales pipeline, helping you to forecast for the future.

Using Zoho CRM Reminders?

Zoho CRM has a module within it relating to your 'Activities' . These activities can be used to pre-plan tasks, calls and meetings and for each of these you can set it up so that the system sends you a helpful reminder. If there is an action that is of very high importance then you can also setup Zoho CRM so that automation controls the sending of a reminder.

Integrating Zoho CRM with Gmail?

Zoho CRM can be integrated with you Gmail account to pull through emails sent and received and their status (i.e. have they been opened) for each of leads and clients. This integration also enables you to push leads straight into the CRM and link your calendar. Speak to us to learn more.

Integrating Zoho CRM with Outlook?

Zoho CRM can be integrated with you Outlook account to retrieve emails sent and received and their status (i.e. opened/sent) for each of leads and contacts. Integration also enables you to push leads straight into the CRM and link your calendar. Speak to us to learn more.

Sending SMS through Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM can enable you to make use of SMS marketing, helping you to connect with your customers by sending text messages with your marketing message.This gives you the ability to be more direct and personal with your marketing. Adept Cloud can deliver SMS marketing in Zoho CRM by integrating the Twilio extension. Twilio is a specially designed cloud-based communication software for sending personalised or bulk SMS messages to your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. With Twilio you can send SMS manually, or use workflows to do so automatically.

VOIP Integration on Zoho CRM?

Adept Cloud can help your business with Zoho CRM VOIP integration, improving your workflows and increasing team output. Using a VOIP integration (we'll run through the possible options to find the most suitable for you) you can keep a close eye on the effectiveness of your calls and keep a record of previous and future communication with contacts and leads. A VOIP integration enables you to make calls from Zoho CRM, enhancing control of leads, clients and deals, tracking every conversation on the way. This is made very easy by being able to record any call (and having the file saved against the relevant record). After completing a call, you can be prompted by default to add notes and create a new lead/contact from the call itself.

Zoho CRM Training in Bristol?

Adept Cloud are experts in utilising Zoho and all of its features. For companies based in Bristol we can offer training and advice to help you get started with Zoho CRM and other Zoho tools.

Zoho CRM Training in Peterborough?

Adept Cloud are experts in utilising Zoho and all of its features. For companies based in Peterborough we can offer training and advice to help you get started with Zoho CRM and other Zoho tools.

Which CRMs can perform the role of Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing service with marketing automation capacity, it is not a CRM. That being said there are some overlaps with the functions carried out by Zoho CRM (the two can also be integrated to work alongside one another). In Zoho CRM you can setup automatic emails to be fired out to customers upon their meeting of pre-defined conditions (i.e. a welcome email being sent when they sign-up), all emails sent to a customer are stored in the system alongside them (included emails previous to your adding them to the system, if you simply integrate your email account with the CRM). Zoho Campaigns (available for a yearly menial fee) can be utilised to handle your marketing campaigns across email and Social (with a vast range of pre-made templates available) with all history of interaction again stored in the CRM. Campaigns is also included in the Zoho Marketing Suite or Zoho One packages making it an economic addition to your business tools.

A CRM to manage lead generation?

Zoho CRM is very useful in the process of lead generation because of a number of features it utilises. With Zoho you can easily manually upload your leads and the system will filter out those without essential information (giving you an explanation for each omission), whilst also updating existing records rather than duplicating. In addition Zoho Social enables you to push new leads from your Twitter and Facebook accounts, dependent on the action they take (i.e. you could add a new lead when they comment but exclude those that simply 'like' a post. Further to this, generate leads directly from your phone calls (using VOIP integration services), from email interaction (once Zoho CRM is linked with your email, you'll be able to send records straight in the CRM) and by using web forms on your website (or partners' websites) to push their data straight into the system.

A CRM to track telemarketing performance?

Zoho CRM is an excellent choice if you would like a CRM for tracking the performance of your telemarketing team. Build custom dashboards/home pages for your teams or individuals so that they can see the data relevant to them and their future tasks. In Zoho you may track how a region, product, or team perform by creating forecasts based on territories or hierarchies. Use your easy to analyse data to inform forecasts and set realistic goals. Zoho CRM has an incredibly useful feature called Zoho Motivator, this is a tool that allows you to track your team's performance as they deliver on your company's KPIs. From motivator you can make competitions between certain members of your team to give added incentive and give targets expected by time period (so that they can see how they are performing against expectation). In addition you can even incentivise the gamification by offering rewards/prizes to top performers. Zoho CRM's Deal module can also be modified so that you can calculate and show the commision figure that a telemarketer will receive based upon the total value and sale type.

A CRM with pre-made templates for quotes and sales orders?

In Zoho CRM you can create quotes that can be associated with your deals, contacts and accounts. Zoho CRM provides pre-made quote, sales orders, purchase orders and Invoice templates to be used form the get-go and these may be further cusotmised to ensure they fit your requirements.

A CRM to keep track of emails sent and their required responseA CRM to keep track of emails sent and their required response?

Zoho CRM can be integrated with your email account, this means that not only can you pull your calendar into the CRM but also all emails sent between members of your team and the lead/contact. When the two systems are connected you will also be able to see all emails sent in the past (on the lead or contact's page) before the lead was even added to the system, further to this you can also see the status of that email (i.e. if it was opened). In some instances you might wish to send an email and ensure you get a response, to do this you can simply set up an automatic task linking to the lead/contact's page so that you can see the status from there. With further customisation of Zoho CRM you may also make more intelligent automation that sends follow-up emails to those who have yet to respond.

A remote CRM with shared space to see all customers?

Zoho CRM is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed wherever you are on a browser. This means you have total access to all your company's customers and leads from a remote location or from the mobile app whilst in the field. Zoho can also be setup with increased security, keeping leads and contacts (or certain details pertaining to them) only available to their owner, should wish a higher level of control.

A CRM system that can consolidate everything?

Zoho CRM is capable of managing many facets of your business. These include; leads and contacts generation/nurturing, sales pipeline progression, email, sales and marketing automation, reporting and internal task making. Zoho CRM however, is included within a number of packages that Zoho offers, including Zoho One, giving you access to a wide range of applications that can perform pretty much all facets of your business. For example, Zoho Books can manage your financials, SalesIQ your online live chat and Zoho People your HR, to name but a few. Explore the Zoho One Package here - https://payments.zoho.eu/ResellerCustomerSignUp.do?id=0269971c1c8bb420ed88a5bfd1d902b5&locale=en

Signing Documents with an E-Signature through a CRM to save on printing?

As part of the Zoho One package, Zoho CRM can be integrated alongside Zoho Sign to collect signatures from your clients, saving them the trouble of printing documents and sending them back. All documents can then be stored against that person/company's record on the CRM.

A calendar/booking system that ties in with your CRM?

A part of the Zoho One package, Zoho CRM can be integrated alongside Zoho Bookings so that you can book your team's time out directly from the CRM. Bookings also enables you to share your calendar URL with your clients so that they can see and select an available time to suit them. Linking your email calendar will mean that Bookings will always have an accurate view of your schedule. In addition, in Bookings you can setup your teams so that you have staff available when others are not.

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