Cloud-Based Software Implementation for Financial Services


Adept Cloud offers cloud-based software implementation for ambitious business owners looking to take advantage of the flexibility of online retail, giving access to nationwide or worldwide markets, 24 hours a day. This desire might well be fueled as a necessary response to harder times inflicted by Covid restrictions and the public’s fear to step into a physical location.

Cloud-Based Software Solution for Retailers

At Adept Cloud we develop complete solutions for single page websites or stores integrated into your website. We select the perfect eCommerce platform and give you inventory management software which can reliably manage your stock levels, taking into account multi-product purchases and deals.

For those selling services or products that have subscription based payments, Adept Cloud will set up your system to allow for pro-rata invoicing.

We provide you with an easy to use,  unified toolset and processes to streamline your operations, boost your efficiency, and help you get the job done faster. This results in a platform that is easy to learn so in turn reduces the time required for staff training.

Common Components for Retailers

Open Source eCommerce platform selection – For those using a WordPress website, we select the ideal, customisable, open-source eCommerce platform for integration. OR  For single page web store implementation – We will select an eCommerce solution independent of your website that provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run the retail aspect of your business from a single location.

Promotions & Loyalty programs – Our knowledge of a range of platforms mean we will be able to help you implement promotions and customer loyalty features.

Advanced reportage – We allow you to clever reports and sales targets to refine and enhance your online store.

Automated Tasks – Imagine having to thank every customer for their purchases. We’ll make it so that messages are automatically sent out to your customer at every crucial step of the journey, as well as reminders to your team to perform the necessary action.

Accurate stock platform – Manage your stock from a single location that speaks to your store directly, ensuring that you don’t oversell and can resupply should the need occur.

Multi-outlet scalability – All tools selected make it easy for you or Adept Cloud to add new outlets and registers as your business grows.

Webpage chatbot implementation – Observe your visitors’ interactions with your website in real time, chat with them as they navigate the website or personalise automated messages based upon their activity.

Bonuses to Retailers When Signing with Adept Cloud

When signing up you’ll also get:

Free initial meeting – where we meet with you and understand your needs, giving advice on exactly what system to implement.

Training and weekly catch-ups – We meet on a schedule to suit you to discuss the implementation and make adjustments to your requirements as you learn to use the new system.

Software Implementation Timeline for Retailers

Consultation – Our first phase is a free 30-minute consultation, either online or in-person. We will find out if we are suited to partner with you (Adept Cloud wants to deliver the ideal solution for you so if we are not the best option, we will tell you).

After this initial chat we will plan for a longer run-through of your requirements. This should be considered as an opportunity for us to learn more about the nature of your business and processes within. We hope it will also be a great chance for us to show you the potential of the available products and our capabilities to manipulate and shape your system.

Scope – After the initial meeting, we’ll provide you with our recommendation on how best to approach your project. Within this we will set out a fee for the planned and agreed work, from this you may select the items you wish, knowing exactly their cost.

Implementation – Once everything is agreed, we’ll carry out the implementation. We’ll arrange regular reviews with you, to review the work done and make any small tweaks required. At the end, we’ll provide full training on how to run the processes, then hand the system over to you in order that you can fully test your processes. During the testing phase, we’ll be on hand to offer any support and fix any issues you come across.

Data Migration – With our optional migration service, your data can be set up and ready to go so that you can dive straight back into working with your existing information. During the consultation we will discuss a migration plan so you understand our requirements and what data and in what format you will need to provide.

Staff Training – We can also offer training for all your staff. Along with advanced administrator training.

Continued Support – Even once your system is complete and ready to use, you will still want to innovate over time and add your own unique features to enhance your business process. We can continue to support your system’s development with a retainer plan to suit your needs. This means you have a team of experienced developers to help you on any challenge you face.

What Issues do Retailers Commonly Face with Online Retail/eCommerce?

Customer & order management – In retail is crucial to manage an order all the way through from its launch to delivery, and beyond with customer care. Utilising the right software will enable you to see the data relating to each customer, so you may keep an eye on the status of their order and make changes as required. The software Adept Cloud selects for you will also make use of email marketing services to better manage your communications with customers.

Creating an excellent user experience – We use software that gives your users the experience they desire, giving them quick and easy access to what they are looking for. Each eCommerce solution we use provide analytics so you can continue to refine and optimise.

Keeping on top of marketing – The solution chosen will always have the potential to aid in raising your SEO rank so you’ll be found easier on search engines such as Google, this in turns reduces your expenditure on customer acquisition.

Managing sellable products – Your new eCommerce platform will or will through integration to an inventory system be able to manage everything from, SKUs to variations (i.e. quantity, boxes, colours and sizes) to names, and hold images of the products as well. You’ll have the knowledge at your fingertips without needing much in the way of technical knowledge.

Organisation of shipping and taxes – Organise the printing of your labels for shipping and easily calculate taxes based on geography.

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