Cloud-Based Software Implementation for Financial Services


Adept Cloud offers cloud-based software implementation for ambitious service-based businesses that want to consolidate operations, sales and marketing processes into an easy-to-use system that delivers actionable business intelligence that allows you to scale with maximum efficiency.

Financial Services Cloud-Based Software Solution Overview

At Adept Cloud we have developed our own proprietary growth system that allows service-based companies to finely streamline all business processes into a single system that is custom built to support your employees and business strategy.

This provides extreme clarity and accountability to all employees in the organisation so that Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) can accurately be measured and optimised with detailed business intelligence.

Common Components for Financial Services

Accelerated Sales System – A system designed to support the sales teams, their managers and the executive team with actionable intelligence that drives new business. We help you define the specific customer experience so that sales processes can be automated and scaled without wasting time on prospects that will likely never buy.

Live Chatbot – Get real-time insights on website visitors and even chat with them live based on their interaction with your brand.

Advanced Email Campaigns – Build a marketing campaign that perfectly aligns with your customer journey so that you can deliver the right message at the right time.

Cloud Accounting – Manage your business finances and generate detailed financial reports with a few simple clicks.

Bonuses to Service Companies When Signing with Adept Cloud

When signing up you’ll also get:

Free initial meeting – where we meet with you and understand your needs, giving advice on exactly what system to implement.

Training and weekly catch-ups – We meet on a schedule to suit you to discuss the implementation and adjust your requirements as you learn to use the new system.

Appointment Booking Tool – Simplify the booking process with a link that displays predefined availability for easy bookings. Avoid the time-wasting back and forth with prospects and clients to book a call.

VoIP Integration – Enhance your system by connecting it to a phone system that suits your needs. Keep a track of the calls and their duration made by your sales team.

Financial Services Software Implementation Timeline

Consultation – Our first phase is a free 30-minute consultation, either online or in-person. We will find out if we are suited to partner with you (Adept Cloud wants to deliver the ideal solution for you so if we are not the best option, we will tell you).

After this initial chat we will plan for a longer run-through of your requirements. This should be considered as an opportunity for us to learn more about the nature of your business and processes within. We hope it will also be a great chance for us to show you the potential of the available products and our capabilities to manipulate and shape your system.

Scope – After the initial meeting, we’ll provide you with our recommendation on how best to approach your project. Within this we will set out a fee for the planned and agreed work, from this you may select the items you wish, knowing exactly their cost.

Implementation – Once everything is agreed, we’ll carry out the implementation. We’ll arrange regular reviews with you, to review the work done and make any small tweaks required. At the end, we’ll provide full training on how to run the processes, then hand the system over to you in order that you can fully test your processes. During the testing phase, we’ll be on hand to offer any support and fix any issues you come across.

Data Migration – With our optional migration service, your data can be set up and ready to go so that you can dive straight back into working with your existing information. During the consultation we will discuss a migration plan so you understand our requirements and what data and in what format you will need to provide.

Staff Training – We can also offer training for all your staff. Along with advanced administrator training.

Continued Support – Even once your system is complete and ready to use, you will still want to innovate over time and add your own unique features to enhance your business process. We can continue to support your system’s development with a retainer plan to suit your needs. This means you have a team of experienced developers to help you on any challenge you face.

What Issues do Financial Services Commonly Face?


Security is a constant consideration given that financial companies are often targets of cyber-crime due to the sensitive data they hold. Systems implemented by Adept Cloud secure by design, aiding in the fight against hackers.  

Compliance with Regulations

The financial services industry must take on increased costs to stay above board with regulations, as non-compliance carries with it heavy fines. Employees must check data from several sources to ensure accuracy, this in itself is a time-consuming endeavour. With automation the risk of mistakes is reduced, and time spent on tasks is significantly less.   

Technology can be utilised in the collection of data and its analysis, also highlighting potential breaches of compliance. Cloud-based software provides the advantage of being able to standardise processes! With your processes automated It means that companies merely need to make an adjustment to the automation to ensure that they are up to date with the regs.

Keeping Up with Technology

Technology when utilised properly can make manual processes redundant but most financial institutions have yet to implement cloud-based technology. These numbers are dropping fast as businesses react to the global pandemic, meaning those yet to adopt will soon be left behind.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is ever more difficult for those in financial services with an increase in the levels of competition. Fast response and easy access to your services are ever-increasingly more important in creating brand loyalty.

Financial service companies need to focus on the demands of their clients. This requires getting greater feedback from your customers and learning more about what makes them tick. Adept Cloud helps you to implement systems that collect feedback and to learn more about your customers as you go, so you can deliver on their expectations.

Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience

Continuing with the point of customer retention, custom experience is hugely significant. The systems you use will not only need to be fast and responsive, but they must also provide a balance for the needs of younger and older generations. In addition to this you will need to be able to reach your audience across a range of mediums, having a system that taps straight into Social (for example) will enable you to interact with your younger client base.

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