Legitimate Interest

What are the Legal Reasons for Processing Data? 

When processing data we must identify if we have the right to do so. We have analysed the ways in which we process personal data and found that the most common grounds for Adept Cloud to do so is through ‘Legitimate Interest’

There are five other reasons for lawful processing, these are; 

Consent – We have clearly detailed the way we will use said data and the person to which it belongs has given consent in full knowledge. In these instances, the data owner has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. 

Contract – The processing of personal data is necessary to fulfil a contract with the owner of that data. 

Legal Obligation – Processing of personal data is needed to comply with law. 

Vital Interests – Processing of data will enable you to protect a person’s life. 

Public Task – Processing of data is necessary to perform a task in the interests of the public. 


What is ‘Legitimate Interest’? 

Legitimate Interest in terms of data is defined as;  

The processing of data in ways that can be reasonably expected and having minimal effect on privacy or where there is compelling justification for processing.   

Grounds for ‘Legitimate Interest’ are defined as; 

The processing of personal data that is lawful on the basis that it is necessary for the ‘Legitimate Interest’ of the company handling the data or a third party to whom the data is disclosed. This is on the proviso that the rights and interests of the person whose data is handled does not override this.  

Please consult the ICO for further details on the definition of ‘Legitimate Interest’


When we have ‘Legitimate Interest’? 

We will try our very best to process only the data of individuals where it can be classified as ‘Legitimate Interest’ unless of course we believe there is a more lawful reason for processing the data.  

Please note that where we hold data relating to companies i.e. admin@ email addresses we do not have to justify our handling. However, Adept Cloud will only hold this data if we truly believe that it is of necessity for the benefit of the controlling company or for us in providing our services. 


It is possible that we might make a mistake in what we deem as ‘Legitimate Interest’ or that you no longer wish for us to process your data, in which case you may request that we delete or amend the data we hold (these requests can be made to datacontroller@adeptcloud.co.uk) and we will comply with your requests within one month (please be aware that you should receive an email confirmation to ensure spam filters have not blocked your request).

Why have I received an Email Campaign?  

You have received and email campaign because we believe that our service would be of benefit to you in your industry. For example, if you operate in the construction industry, we know that we can help your Sales Team to achieve impressive ROIs with the implementation of and training your team to use a CRM system, as well as enabling your business to improve organisation and clarity internally.  All contacts sourced from construction.co.uk 

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