Zoho Remotely; For the New Age of Remote Working

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It is an acknowledged fact that we are social beings who work better when we can collaborate and share ideas. The Covid outbreak has sadly made this harder, forcing us to be apart, with many of our team members having to work from home. The Zoho Remotely package has been created to ensure that even if we can’t be together that we can still collaborate utilising its complete suite of web and mobile apps. 

Meet online and keep communication open wherever you are. Remotely includes apps that enable you to; conduct your team meetings, hold training sessions, answer a support call or conduct sales presentations (all whilst out of the office). 

Its selection of tools also enables non-visual communication, enabling you and all your team to monitor projects as they develop, assign one another tasks and collaborate simultaneously on work documents, be they presentations spreadsheets or blog pieces.  

Zoho Remotely enables the creation, sharing and editing of team documents from wherever you are, giving access to your team from home, the office or out and about on any of their devices. 

What Products are included as part of Zoho Remotely? 

Zoho Remotely Apps

Zoho Remotely bundles together 10 applications including;  

Zoho Assist – Instant Remote Support Software 

Zoho Cliq – For instant messaging and chat 

Zoho Connect– Team Collaboration Software 

Zoho Lens – Interactive remote assistance utilising augmented reality 

Zoho Meeting – For online video meetings. 

Zoho Sheet – Collaborative spreadsheet software 

Zoho Show – For online presentations 

Zoho Sprints – Agile project management software 

Zoho WorkDrive – Document management 

Zoho Writer – An online word processor with collaborative capabilities  


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