An insight into Adept Cloud; a solution for every business hurdle

An insight into Adept Cloud

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It might seem easy to say certain products offer a solution to every business problem, but in the case of Adept Cloud, it’s true. Because we are partnered with a range of established products such as Zoho and Shopify to name a few, we are not limited in the choices we offer our clients and can therefore tailor our services to address each of your specific requirements. To put it plainly, we do not offer off-the-shelf solutions. We tailor our services to provide you the optimum mix of products to resolve your issues. So, to better understand the whys and the hows of what we do, we interviewed our CEO and founder, Lisa Hammond-Marsden, who gives us an insight into Adept Cloud; a solution for every business hurdle.

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About Adept Cloud

Q. What are the most common problems businesses have approached you with?

Outdated systems. And it’s that simple. Over the years, numerous businesses have approached us with the issue of extensive business costs due to having manual processes. If they did have digital systems in place, quite often, they were not effective and certainly not cost efficient. Employees can often spend a breath-taking amount of time searching for misplaced documents in a manual system or a convoluted digital one. And in business, time is money.

Q. What solutions do you offer?

We focus on business efficiency and growth. Therefore, we can set up our clients with innovative CRM tools that ensure lead generation, effective client management or sales and marketing automation. We can set up online shops for entrepreneurs. We can connect the office with field-service teams and optimise communication. All these solutions are accessible to a wide range of industries such as retail, construction, distribution and manufacturing.

Q. How have you already helped your clients?

We are helping business owners integrate cloud technology into their business to allow them to delegate the day-to-day running of their business, giving them time to focus on their personal goals.

Q. What sectors does Adept Cloud work with?

We work across a wide range of sectors including retail, distribution, manufacturing, trades and service as well as property maintenance companies. However, Adept Cloud could easily work with any sector given that our main aim is to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace using cost-effective solutions.

Q. What are the best business management systems that can support business growth and development?

The best solutions are the ones designed specifically for a given industry, which means companies can be up and running very quickly, using best practice processes for their industry from the start.

Also, the best solutions are ones that are scalable, so they not only suit the business at the time but have extra features and functionality that can be accessed as the business grows. You wouldn’t want to purchase a system that you outgrew in 6 months’ time. Our primary aim at Adept Cloud is to future proof your business and we do that by implementing systems that can be adapted to your requirements.

Q. Why is it so important to future proof businesses?

Future proofing your business is very important for survival. Due to the remarkable speed of the advancement of cloud technology, businesses that lag behind now will find it extremely difficult to catch up. Future proofing your business is basically getting prepared for the challenges that are expected in the future. Manual processes simply stunt your growth which means you have no capacity for new business, new products or new clients.

Q. Why did you set up Adept Cloud?

Having worked as a senior consultant all over the world, helping large-scale manufacturing companies grow, I could see SMEs requiring the same kind of assistance but on a smaller scale. Coupled with my industry expertise, I was able to scale down the same methodology and identify the management solutions those businesses required and created a package of services, which were affordable to SMEs…and still are.

Q. Why would businesses choose to work with Adept Cloud?

We are different to other cloud-solution providers. Our approach is consultative, rather than selling a single product or service. We work with our clients based on their needs and biggest pain-points, and can provide an end-to-end solution across the business, phased in such a way that the biggest paint points (and wasted cost) are addressed first.

For example, we wouldn’t advise a company to implement a CRM solution if their back end operational processes were not geared up to cope with increased customer demand. Additionally, if a client had ten staff entering orders from customers manually then we would look at ways to automate this, so those staff could be redeployed into other areas of the business.

Q. If a business could look to review or change just one thing to improve efficiency, what would it be?

I think paper shuffling and manual processes are the largest wasted cost to a business. A quotation process might take hours using this approach but with a business management solution, it will be almost instant.

But it is not just about the technology. It’s also about having streamlined sets of repeatable processes. This means staff are up to speed quicker and processes take less time. It also would mean training costs for new staff are also reduced.

Q. If a business could look to review or change just one thing to generate leads or increase sales, what would it be?

They would need to have a set process to go through from the campaign strategy to planning and execution. They would also require the systems to support those processes, coupled with business analytics to analyse the results.

About Adept Cloud

Q. If Adept Cloud was a colour, what would it be?

Definitely blue. Not just because of its association with the sky and clouds, but blue is synonymous with technology and that us ultimately the solution we strive to provide to propel businesses forwards.

Q. If Adept Cloud was an animal, what would it be?

An eagle; a majestic creature associated with freedom and transcendence. 

Q. Do you have any advice for your previous boss?

I had an old Danish mentor who I adored. In between puffs on his pipe, he said (in his heavy Danish twang) “Lisa, you should always use the KISS principal – Keep It Simple, Stupid.” I never forgot it and I went on to win many accolades and awards in that company.

Q. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My pug wanting her breakfast; it’s always my pug wanting her breakfast.

Q. What did you want to be when you were younger?

For many years I wanted to be a police officer but I was too short (and a bit of a rebel truth be told)!

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