A CRM Solution for the Financial Services

CRM for Financial Services

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For those working in the financial services, there are several important considerations when choosing your CRM.

Given the need to manage multiple customers and potential new clients in a short space of time, you will need a system that allows you easy and fast access to their information and a clear summary of your past interactions.

This in turn will allow you to find all the information you need to give them solutions in double-quick time, improving their experience and aiding in the building of a strong relationship.

Adept Cloud And Zoho Crm

Working alongside our clients, Adept Cloud craft a complete Zoho CRM solution. For those in the financial services that means a CRM with;

AI and Reporting 

Adept Cloud can show you how to create live reports and make use of the pre-built selection to be give you a clear picture of any aspect of your business. Make use of schedules to send out specific reports to the right people. We can also show you how create live reports instantly by asking ZIA, the inbuilt AI.


As part of Zoho One, Zoho CRM has the huge advantage of being able to link with a number of additional Zoho applications. Adept Cloud can help you to integrate these applications meaning it is possible to run all aspects of your financial services company from a single database, with instant access to reports and information from all facets of your business.

Pipeline Management

Keep a close view of all your clients’ and their customer journeys.  As well as storing financial & policy documents, insurance records, and other documents alongside them. We will setup and teach you how to create personalised templates for each of your areas of business and personalise interactions.


Improving your team’s ability to strengthen relationships with clients and meet their targets through the setting up of au.to-tasks and reminders


Zoho CRM is built to comply with GDPR and other security standards. Adept Cloud can help your behaviour to be compliant.

Adept Cloud are Official Partners of Zoho, try your Zoho One Trial here.

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