How does an Online Booking System Enhance Team Organisation and Customer Experience?

Zoho Bookings

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Every service-driven business depends on achieving two key aspects: providing services and scheduling them efficiently. In delivering these there is traditionally a compromise between convenience to you and to your clients (implement the correct system however and this need not be the case). Therefore, prioritising finding the right online booking system for your consultancy services is pivotal in the future expansion of your business.

Enhancing Client Experience

In the service industry it is crucial to keep your appointment book filled but doing this through manual methods can be a huge drain upon yours and your team’s resources. As your business and the size of your clientele grows, more time is spent making arrangements (with there being the increased challenge of manually finding a suitable slot for the needs of your client), sending reminders and confirmation emails. Reducing this administration time means more direct focus on your clients, helping you to deliver to them a better and more targeted service.


Zoho Bookings

Working with Adept Cloud allows you to create an online booking service that gives your clients a view of all available timeslots for your consultants, this gives them the added freedom to select a time that suits them without any negotiation. Additionally, they will also receive a confirmation and reminders (these can be further personalised to come from the smiling face of one of your consultants to better enhance the relationship) to ensure they don’t forget the meeting and have the information needed heading into a consultancy session.

Zoho Bookings

Increasing Company Efficiency

Place yourself in the shoes of your clients, in most instances they’ll be spending their time focused on their own working world, consequently they’ll have little time to be corresponding over phone or email with you. Therefore, giving them the ability to schedule an appointment in a few clicks and at any time of day gives them much more flexibility to organise a meeting. You may also setup your system so that they can reschedule (limiting the how far in advance this can be done if necessary) appointments as their schedule changes.

In addition to flexibility, your new appointment scheduling system will give you the means to create reports highlighting your most popular services, consultants or time of consultation, with this information you can figure out where you need to make improvements or focus your attention.

Zoho Bookings

Any booking system will have a bespoke setup to match your needs, this means you can dictate how long your consultants are available and give periods of rest between each consultancy. Adept Cloud will also link your system to a CRM so all meeting are recorded here against your clients, this integration also enables the two calendars to speak to one another, meaning management can have a view of where and how occupied their team are. This integration is beneficial to your team as well, as they control all their activity through their CRM dashboard.  

Zoho Bookings

Additionally, by having your business open to online booking, you greatly enhance your SEO rank. By giving your customers the option to interact with your website further (rather than simply emailing or ringing) you increase their interaction time, a trait highly valued by search engines.

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