The role of CRMs in Workflow Automation and Increasing Business Performance for SMEs

workflow automation

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As small or medium sized enterprise, keeping on top and abreast of your workload can often seem overwhelming. The setup and integration of a CRM system can however deliver seamless workflow management. CRMs allow for the simple automation of task management freeing up time and promoting business growth.

What are Automated Workflows?

Business in today’s market have an increased workload in less time to do it in, they need to ensure that they are accurate as they achieve this. Automated workflows are triggers for a series of tasks that need completion before a particular type of project is completed (for example they might be used in the sales process to ensure all information is received from a client in order to make a proposal). Automated workflows should make complicated processes easy to manage and play a vital role in streamlining repetitive tasks.

What Additional Reasons are there for Prompt Workflow Automation?

There are a number of important reasons for utilising workflow automation, including (but not restricted to); efficient task, human resource, finance & data management, fulfilling customer expectations, offering customer support services and managing the sales process.

CRMs streamline all tasks in one platform. Meeting ever-rising customer expectations can be achieved with the well-designed infrastructure of (we favour Zoho but will find a solution to suit you) a CRM. They can be built to encapsulate the needs of your customers and consequently provide solutions to solve common business problems. 
Other key benefits of CRMs include:

  • Clear data analysis for effective decision making
  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Enhanced experience throughout the customer journey
  • Follow-up management of Leads
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Sales – reminders, meetings and follow-ups
  • Sales and performance tracking leading to increased business revenue

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