Improve Sales and Organisation with a CRM

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Adept Cloud work with you to understand and craft a bespoke CRM system, designed specifically for your company needs. We train your team to use the software to its maximum potential, ensuring you can flourish in the face of the challenging construction market.

Key Benefits of Implementing a CRM?

Real-time Access to Important Information

CRM software is designed to save time & provide easy-access to tools making you more efficient and productive, including;

  • Quick and secure access to customer historical and financial data.
  • Real-time access to business data and analytics.
  • Store all project-related documents for a customer in one centralised database.

Manage Your Team

  • Your company will consist of different teams, each needing to follow their processes.
  • Ensure Sales Reps follow up with their prospects & clients in a timely, effective manner.
  • Make use of Blueprints to ensure no stage is progressed without the correct details.
  • Easily see upcoming calls and tasks, as well as all notes against them.

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Visibility of Pipeline and Probable Incomings

CRMs provide visibility of the entire sales cycle, including;

  • What projects your sales reps are prospecting.
  • Where your prospects are in your bespoke staging cycle.
  • How many clients your sales team members are working with.
  • How your forecast is transitioning in the near future.

Track all Facets of Business

As a company in the construction industry, you have to keep on top of many different areas. Through a CRM you can manage;

  • Inbound and outbound leads.
  • Marketing Campaigns.
  • Following-up sales activities & analyse performance.
  • Monitor Projects through to conception.

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