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Most businesses have been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic with many forced to close and many more directly affected by the slowing global economy.

However, despite this difficult situation there is opportunity to be found if you look in the right places. Now is the time to make the most of any lull or opening in the market and improve your processes and systems.

Use This Time to Get Ahead of the Opposition

If you’re experiencing an operational slow down, it’s the perfect time to review processes and systems, with a view to identifying possible improvements. This is because the most common pressure of implementing a new business system is the disruption it causes to company’s operations.

At Adept Cloud we do our best to ensure this is not the case but there might be an initial drain on staff resources away from day-to-day tasks as you sit and consider all the possibilities of what your new processes will deliver. However, you will soon find that this made up for by a huge increase in efficiency.

Finding Your Weaknesses

The best place to start is by looking inwards and at your current processes, with particular focus on those relating to your present software systems or those that could be tied with software. Have you found that manual processes have begun to creep in over time?

There are a few easy indicators of this, an example might be that a member of your team is now using a spreadsheet to deal with a certain aspect not covered by your current processes or you are having to enter data into two separate systems because the two don’t speak to one another.

It is only when we begin to identify these ‘pain points’ and company weaknesses that we can start the process of implementing new technology. With this being said, the process doesn’t need to be made in sweeping waves, if we have a general idea of the changes you wish to make, we can begin on them in incremental phases, dealing with the small changes one by one to help enhance the business in the long-run and giving scope to explore what other issues are being faced as we go.

Rejuvenating your systems does not necessarily mean that we need to replace everything you are using, it might be that we can replace a product that is no longer functioning as well as it should be and bring in something new that can speak to the rest of the tools you are using. When doing this we can ensure your team get the training they need to make the process seamless.

Using Automation to Lighten the Load

In any business, processes need to be constantly refined. Therefore, every company will have current system processes that require repetitive interactions from members of your team, it is these that are easy wins in terms of implementing automation. Automation can come in a number of forms, be these workflows, blueprints, automatic allocations and functions (find out more about automation here).

If you are utilising relatively modern systems, then chances are that you’ve been exposed to a level of automation. These might include:

  • Automated Sales and Marketing Mailing.
  • Automated task creation to ensure members of the team complete important steps in the sales process.
  • Mass dispatching of sales orders
  • Setting up pricing models in you ERP system so that you don’t have to enter very price individually
  • Scheduling Social Media Posts

The opportunities for automation very much depend on the type of business you are in but no matter the industry the opportunities will be vast, we just need to explore where you are spending a great deal of time and where manual processes have come about.

Removing Defunct Systems

It might be tempting to take system changes one step at a time, and whilst individual process changes can be hugely beneficial and present a low risk means of adjusting, it is probable that your current system is not up to scratch. This is something you’ve probably been long aware of but have found difficult to change due to the daily time commitments on you and your team. However, with an Adept Cloud implementation we find that typically our clients are saving up to 30 hours within the first month of implementation so this shouldn’t be as daunting as it might seem. You might also find that Covid now presents you with more time or that the remerging market means that you’ve got to grab opportunities with both hands.

If you feel you could benefit from enhancing your systems or simply want to chat why not book in a quick consultation with us here.

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